Posted by : Becca | On : August 7, 2008

If you’re like me, you are always looking for a deal on the things you need and want for your business and home. The internet has a lot to offer as far as great deals…and I can’t resist sharing when I find them.

If you are looking to get some brochures printed for your business, it’s worth checking out Vistaprint. I’ve had really good experiences ordering business cards with Vistaprint and have seen their brochures. They produce high quality business materials and their prices are really reasonable.

Vistaprint helps guide you through the process of creating the perfect brochures for your business. You can use one of their easy-to-use templates, upload your own design, logo, or picture, or they can design the brochure for you. They use high quality card stock with aqueous coating. These are full-color brochures and you can get them as quickly as three days!

Right now you can check out their Brochures for FREE! They currently have an offer for 25 free brochures – that’s a $39.99 savings right there. Can’t beat free, can ya?

To take advantage of this free deal, when you get to the Brochures page at Vistaprint, use coupon code FreeBrochures08 to get your 25 Free Brochures. Give it a shot and see how you like it! I think I’m going to order some myself!



Posted by : Becca | On : April 1, 2007

Clipping coupons, getting discounts and frugal shopping is a wondeful thing. When you keep track and manage it, you can really make it work for you. Decide where you want the savings to go…toward a vacation or special trip, college savings for the kids, down payment on a house – the possibilities are endless. Pick something and go with it. I’m using my survey earnings towards our vacation. For my grocery savings, I’m putting it aside for long term savings.

Just yesterday I did my big monthly shopping run, stocking up on staples like meat, canned goods, frozen etc. With my store loyalty card savings, buy-one get-one free offers and coupons I saved $117.00. So I took that amount and transfered it into savings. It will be exciting to see how much that account grows by the end of the year. It motivates me to keep organized with coupons and knowing what the sales are to maximize savings and keep the pantry stocked.

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