Posted by : Becca | On : October 13, 2008

For those who want to be their own boss, a franchise is an option to consider. Of course, not all franchises are home based, but there are a lot of franchise type business opportunities out there where you can operate a business out of your home. If you’re looking at options for yourself, take a look at Red Hot Franchises. It is a free site with tons of information about various Franchise Opportunities and business opportunities. You can browse by industry or search by keyword to find the type of business you are looking for. There is advice, articles and more. Check it out…you may just find the right business for you!



Posted by : Becca | On : March 5, 2008

There are so many folks on Yahoo Answers asking “are there real, legit work at home jobs?” Of course we know there are many legitimate telecommuting jobs available, yet there are so many answers insisting this is not true. There are also many answers, giving links to affiliate programs and MLM/Network Marketing opportunities.

Now, I believe that MLM/Network Marketing is absolutely a valid option for many people, but when someone wants a JOB, that isn’t what they are looking for. It’s frustrating to so many who do simply want a job – they want to trade hours for dollars and get a paycheck. There’s nothing wrong with that, and I feel bad when those folks are overwhelmed with home business opportunities.

I take folks at their word. If they ask about jobs, I give them information about jobs. If they ask about home businesses, I give them information about home businesses.

Why some people feel the need to completely ignore the actual question being asked is beyond me. People just want honest answers, and that’s what they deserve.

Bottom line on Yahoo Answers, you’ll find a lot of good information on there, a lot of irrelevant information and some downright scams. Everyone must do their due diligence when seeking home employment. There ARE good jobs out there and I wish you all the best in finding one that suits your needs!