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Just wanted to share this great article I found on jobs you can do from home: Top 10 Jobs You Can Do From Home. Always good to find tips when you’re looking for legit employment from home. Enjoy!



Posted by : Becca | On : August 23, 2008 is a good place to look for freelance jobs from home. It’s free to join, no fees. Make your profile and start applying for jobs. They have job listings in Web Development, Software Development, Administrative Support, Writing, Graphic Arts & Design, Networking & Information Systems and Audio/Video Multimedia.

Here’s the direct link to their job search page. Check them out!

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I may have touched on this before, but a recent flurry of posts on a WAH website recently reminded me of something. When looking for work from home jobs it is absolutely required to be CAREFUL about the opportunities you see. Places like Craigslist, WAH forums and even sites like Monster and Careerbuilder are littered with postings that may seem legitimate but upon closer inspection are nothing more than scams, or at the very least are questionable “opportunities.”

So, as a reminder, here are some tips to keep in mind during your search:

1. If it looks to good to be true, it probably is.
When you see postings that offer big money for part time work or a lot of money for really simple tasks that is a big RED FLAG!

2. Don’t even consider “jobs” that entail receiving and sending money.
Every one of these that I’ve seen are nothing more than money laundering schemes that at best won’t pay you and at worst will land you in serious legal trouble. No legitimate business EVER needs you to use your personal accounts to transact their business.

3. Always get the business name and state of incorporation before sending your personal information.

The internet makes it very easy to check up on businesses. Find out the business name and where they are registered and check up on them. Visit the BBB, check with the Attorney General in their state. Verify, verify, verify.

4. If they have a website, find out who really owns it.
You can do a simple Google search on the business name and find out information, but you can find out more about who registered the domain at

5. Ask others’ opinions!
Use forums like and to ask more experienced WAH moms about companies you come across. The great folks on those forums are so helpful and willing to share information that will help you steer clear of scammers.

Good luck out there! The good news is that there ARE lots of legitimate jobs out there and eventually you will find the right one for you.



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Looking for a job, that is.

When you’re searching for a work from home job, you need to treat the job search as a job! It’s a competitive world out there. For each work from home job there are potentially hundreds of applicants. As fuel prices rise there are even more people seeking employment from home or asking their current employers if they can telecommute.

The first thing you need to do is make an honest assessment of your experience and skills. Start building a strong resume. Not only should you include your past work experience and skills, but you should focus on accomplishments at your previous positions. When describing your past work experience don’t just focus on the tasks you performed. Succinctly explain the RESULTS of the tasks you performed. For example, if you were in a sales position, you could state that you grew your account base by 30%, or that you gained “X” number of clients for the company.

A common issue with WAH job seekers is that some of them have been out of the work force for a long period of time and feel they have nothing to put on a resume. Whatever experience you have put it on that resume! You may have done volunteer work, helped your church with bookkeeping or designed a web site for a friend. Use those things. Something to know as well is that you do not have to put dates on your resume. There are different schools of thought on this. Some will tell you that you must include dates of employment. I disagree. Unless the job posting states that it is required, it isn’t! Put down your experience and if it’s relevant, you may just get that interview. If questions about time of employment come up at that point, answer them honestly. It’s OK to say that you took time off to spend time with family.

If you are uncomfortable with your resume writing skills you may want to seek help from a friend or even a professional resume writing service. It may be a stretch for you to spend the money, but in the long run this investment in your future will pay off.

How's your resume performing?

One very important element in the job search is to follow the instructions on the job posting. If the employment ad says “no phone calls” do NOT call them. If it says email your resume to a certain email address, do that. If it says to go to their website and fill out an online application, do that. This may seem simple, but you have no idea how many people don’t do this. If you follow the instructions to the letter your chances of being selected for an interview go way up.

When you get that interview it is important that you focus on one thing: how you will be valuable to the employer. This isn’t the time to focus on how great the job would be for you, but how great you would be for the company. Before your interview find out as much as you can about the company. Write out a list of ways you can bring value to the company in the position. Also have a list of any questions you may have about the position. It helps to have these things written out. Interviews can be stressful. When you’re nervous you are more likely to forget things you want to say or questions you want to ask. Keep your resume and cover letter in front of you to refer to also. Be on time for you interview. Have a positive attitude and show them how you will be a benefit to their organization.

Once you have completed your interview make sure you send a thank you note to the person who took the time to interview you. It is a nice way to keep yourself at the front of their minds and to leave a good impression. Show that you appreciate their time and let them know you are looking forward to hearing from them.

A common complaint from WAH employers is that they end up with people who really don’t want to work, or that can’t seem to perform the tasks effectively. The purpose of a work from home job is not for you to spend more time with your children. The purpose is to perform the tasks your employer requires and to do the job well. Make sure you have appropriate care for your children while you are working. It is unrealistic for most people to think that they can have four hours of uninterrupted quiet time to work while supervising toddlers. Be honest with yourself about your situation and find the type of job that suits you and your situation the best.

Finding the perfect work at home job is not an easy task, but it is worth it when you find the right one for you. Check out this list of companies that hire workers from home to see if there might be a fit for you.

Good luck out there!